Denis Kreshikhin


software development, computer science

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Would you like offer a job?

No problem, I always open for new suggestions and have a lot of experience in:

  • Creating apps for macOS and iOS (Swift/ObjC)
  • Software architecture - MVC/MVVP/VIPER and CleanSwift
  • Reactive programming - RxSwift, Combine
  • Working with client databases - CoreData, RealmDB
  • Networking - REST API (Alamofire, Moya, NSURLSession), SocketIO, GRPC, TCP/IP
  • Analytics - AppsFlyer, Facebook, Firebase etc
  • Maintenance of CI/DI - Jenkins, BitRise, CircleCI, fastlane, xcodebuild
  • Implementing of deep links, push notifications, interaction with BLE device etc

Just contact me via twitter or facebook.

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