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Read&Paint: Puss In Boots

Click and download "Read&Paint: Puss In Boots" from AppStore (FREE, no Ads)

The famous tale about Puss in Boots. Each page has illustration for coloring. It's necessary to colorize all pages for reading all story. Colorize all pages and see an animated clip based on the colorized pages.

Scituner. Open source guitar tuner


Click and download SciTuner from AppStore (FREE, no Ads)

SciTuner is guitar tuner with real-time signal visualization. The application uses strong digital processing algorithm for accurate frequency estimation and wave visualization. SciTuner presents many useful features:

  • Works with guitars, ukuleles, banjos, violins and some other instruments
  • Allows to see a wave form of a sound in real time
  • Works in noisy conditions

iosdspguitarswift1-го июня 2015read more